Smoke Deter for Avoiding Weight Gain after Smoking Cessation

Smoke Deter for Avoiding Weight Gain after Smoking CessationOne of the biggest concerns that people have about quitting smoking is that they will gain weight after they stop.  This is a very real worry as many people pack on more than 20 pounds in the months after they quit smoking.  Luckily, it is easy to avoid weight gain from quitting smoking with the help of homeopathic remedies like Smoke Deter.


Why Quitting Smoking Causes Weight Gain

There are several reasons for this weight gain, firstly being that cigarettes are stimulants.  When you smoke a cigarette, you are causing your bodily systems (including metabolism) to work a bit faster.  You will burn more calories and even pass bowels better.  When you stop quitting smoking, your body goes through the complex process of withdrawal.  Without the nicotine and other chemicals to speed up the body, your body starts to go much slower.  Many people will become constipated after quitting smoking and start to gain weight even if they eat the same amount of food.


It is often said that people switch one addiction for another.  With smoking, many people go from nicotine addiction to food addiction.  Instead of reaching for a cigarette for comfort, they go for foods.  The food provides something to do with their hands so the urge to smoke is lessened.  Also, some foods have proven addictive properties and can cause increases in pleasure receptors in our brains.  This is especially true of starchy and fatty junk foods.  Since your metabolism goes slower after quitting smoking, eating more foods can cause drastic weight gain rapidly.


How Smoke Deter Helps

The first way that Smoke Deter helps you avoid weight gain is by calming the overall withdrawal symptoms of smoking.  It alleviates stomach cramps, jitteriness, mood swings, and those intense cravings for a cigarette.  St. Ignatius Bean is especially powerful for curing mental symptoms and stress from smoking cessation.  Aconitum napellus and arsenicum Iodatum are great for balancing the feelings of wellbeing.  Avena helps keep your nerves calm so you don’t reach for food for comfort.  When you feel well, you are less likely to turn to food for comfort.

Smoke Deter for Avoiding Weight Gain after Smoking Cessation

Aside from curing the general malaise of quitting smoking, Smoke Deter has specific ingredients which combat weight gain.  Black spruce and poison nut have both shown very effective for alleviating hunger cravings and keeping your digestive tract functioning normally.  Tabacum can help keep your metabolism going strong so you don’t gain weight from eating the same amounts of food.


A Balanced Diet is a Must!

Smoke Deter can do wonders for making smoking cessation easier and also for avoiding weight gain. However, you will still have to be cautious that you are not substituting food for cigarettes.  Before you quit smoking, track your smoking habits so you know when the worst cravings will hit.  That is when you should take Smoke Deter. Never turn to food when these cravings hit.  If you do need to snack a bit more while quitting smoking, then make sure they are low-calorie, healthy foods like celery sticks or fruits.  These foods will help keep your body healthy and give you antioxidants so you can flush the nicotine toxins out of your body faster.