Smoke Deter User Experiences

“I’ve tried quitting smoking more times than I can remember.  After the umpteenth time trying to quit and failing miserably, I tried the patch and Smoke Deter User Experiences then gum.  These just made the withdrawal process take even longer.  I decided to go the natural route this time when I quit and bought Smoke Deter because it looked good and came at the right price.  Nothing has helped me like this before!   Not only did I not have cravings, but cigarettes seemed gross to me after just a couple days.  I love this stuff and am certain I have finally kicked this nasty habit for good!” – Stella


“I highly recommend Smoke Deter to anyone who wants to quit.  I was surprised at how quickly it acts and it does a good job of getting rid of hunger cravings.” – Mike


“Smoke Deter made my cravings and fits manageable.  The first 3 days were still tough but I made it through those by taking Smoke Deter right when I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore. The physical symptoms were completely gone by day 4 and I just had occasional cravings.  I don’t think Smoke Deter is a placebo effect because I’ve tried other natural anti smoking cures before and none of them were this effective.  I recommend that smokers taper off of Smoke Deter so their cravings don’t suddenly come back with a vengeance.  Also, I recommend quitting all the vices at once like alcohol and coffee.” – Jonathan


“The last time I quit smoking I gained 7 pounds in 7 days.  So you can imagine my fear when I decided to quit again for my New Year’s resolution (I also made a resolution to lose 20 pounds!).  This time, I made a pact with my husband for him to quit also and we did a bunch of research online and talked to our GP as well.  Our doctor said that homeopathy had some basis for helping people stop smoking and approved of our pick of Smoke Deter.  I love that this takes care of my appetite!  I didn’t feel much more hungry at all this time.  When I got the urge to eat, I would just drink some water and it would go away.  My husband also did really good with Smoke Deter and we’ve been cigarette free for 5 months now.” – Elaina

Smoke Deter User Experiences

“I had a 3 pack a day habit which was costing me about $400/month.  When my wife got pregnant, I knew I had to quit.  I tried twice but could only make it about 2 weeks before I would smoke.  I work in a club where smoking is allowed so it isn’t easy to get away from the cravings.  My wife was 6 months so I knew the time was ticking out.  I found Smoke Deter online and this stuff really helped me out.  I got over the moodiness in just a couple days and didn’t even want a cig after a week.  Thanks for making an awesome product.” – Carlos


“After spending a year in Greece, I came back home with a great tan and a terrible smoking habit.  Smoking didn’t seem so exotically charming once back in the states and I knew I had to kick this.  My best friend works in a health food store and told me about nux vomica but they didn’t carry it so I looked online.  I ordered Smoke Deter because of that ingredient but the others are good too.  I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to quit smoking.  It made it a lot easier for me and I definitely don’t miss my disgusting habit anymore.” – Isabella