Smoke Deter vs. Crave-Rx Drops

There are now numerous natural remedies available for quitting smoking.  Many of these remedies have proven very effective in alleviating Smoke Deter vs. Crave Rx Dropssymptoms that arise from quitting smoking, like mood changes, hunger, and gastrointestinal disturbances.  Right now, the leading natural remedy for smoking cessation is Smoke Deter, a homeopathic solution.  Also popular is the natural remedy Crave-Rx Drops.  Here is how they compare.


How they Work

Smoke Deter is a homeopathic remedy which contains 10 ingredients that have been proven to reduce symptoms of quitting smoking.  Homeopathy is a very interesting medicine because it uses the principle of “like cures like” to help your body get past symptoms.  With Smoke Deter, you can expect relief from symptoms like insomnia, hunger cravings, upset stomach, irritability, aches, and anxiety.


Crave-Rx Drops contain just three ingredients.  One of these ingredients, avena (oats) is also found in Smoke Deter.  The other two ingredients work to calm the mind.  Crave-Rx Drops does not relieve the full spectrum of symptoms like Smoke Deter does.  However, Crave-Rx Drops can alleviate nervousness, irritability, and agitation that comes when you stop smoking.


Safety and Side Effects

Whether you choose Smoke Deter or Crave-Rx Drops, you are going to get a completely safe and natural solution for quitting smoking.  Both natural remedies have no reported side effects and can be used by anyone regardless of health status or medications being used*.


How to Use

Smoke Deter is an oral spray which should be taken 3 times a day.  You can take it when you get your worst cigarette cravings.  Because Smoke Deter is absorbed through the mouth’s sensitive capillaries, it gets into your bloodstream quickly and provides quick results.

Smoke Deter vs. Crave Rx Drops

Crave-Rx Drops are a tincture.  You put a few drops into a glass of water or juice and drink it.  You should take Crave-Rx Drops every 4 hours or as you need them.  Inevitably, some of the ingredients will be lost in the digestive tract but Crave-Rx Drops does promise the benefit of a sustained release action.


Better Value?

Smoke Deter and Crave-Rx Drops are about the same price for a month’s supply.  However, we believe Smoke Deter to be a better value because it has a more complex ingredient formula.  Since Smoke Deter is an oral spray, you are less likely to lose the ingredients to the digestive process and you will get more out of the natural remedy for quitting smoking.