Tracking Your Smoking Habit to Help You Quit

Tracking Your Smoking Habit to Help You Quit Understanding your smoking habits is important if you want to make quitting much easier.  Just about any guidebook for quitting smoking will tell you that you should track your smoking habits for about a week before you attempt to quit.  This way, you will have a much better idea of your routine and when smoking cravings are going to hit you.


Tracking smoking habits isn’t easy because most smoking occurs unconsciously.  That is why so many smoking addicts are surprised to see that they’ve gone through over a pack a day when they can’t even remember lighting up at all.  Once you’ve decided to quit smoking, you should get a small notebook which you can keep with you at all times.  Ideally, you should get one of those very tiny notebooks which can be rubber banded to your cigarette pack.  Then, you will want to get some more rubber bands for securing your pack shut.  This will keep you from smoking unconsciously.


Every time you reach for a cigarette, you will need to write down the time.  Also, you will need to make a note of how much you wanted that cigarette.  For example: you are sitting and reading the paper when you casually go for a cigarette.  Your level of desire is probably around a 1 or a 2 out of 10.  But, if you are anxiously looking at the clock for when your lunch break starts just so you can light up, your level of desire is probably a raging 10.  Some people also choose to rank the cigarette after they have finished it.  This ranking system is very important for you to understand your smoking habits and understand when your strongest urges will come on.


Combining Quit-Smoking Aids with Your Cravings

We recommend taking Smoke Deter, a natural homeopathic supplement, while you quit smoking.  This no-nonsense smoking cessation remedy has proven very effective.  It comes as a spray so it gets into your bloodstream almost immediately and starts to relieve cravings and symptoms like jitteriness.  Smoke Deter should be taken 3 times daily.  To really make sure you are combating those nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you should time your Smoke Deter dosages with when your strongest cigarette cravings will come – all of those #10s in your smoking log.  Since you know when your strongest cravings will come thanks to your careful tracking, you can even take Smoke Deter about 15 minutes before the onset of cravings.  That way, the Smoke Deter ingredients will be at maximum capacity in your bloodstream when you need them most.

Tracking Your Smoking Habit to Help You Quit

It usually takes about a week before your order of Smoke Deter will arrive.  Use this time to start your smoking log. By the time your order of Smoke Deter arrives, you will have a clearer idea of your smoking habits.


Use a Stop Watch

Even if you carefully track your smoking habits before you quit smoking, some unexpected cravings are bound to hit you.  One of the best ways to overcome these cravings is to look at a stopwatch for 30 seconds.  That is about the length of time that a cigarette craving will last.   Looking at the stop watch gives you a distraction from the craving. It also helps you see an end in sight for the craving and makes it much  more mentally beatable.