What to Expect when You Stop Smoking

What to Expect when You Stop SmokingKnowing what to expect when you quit smoking can make it much easier to get through the process of withdrawal. For most people, the first few weeks of quitting smokes are the hardest and it gets much easier over time.  Even though smoking cravings can occur at any time after you quit, most people will start to feel normal after about 2-3 months of quitting.  During this time, it is critical that you take precautions not to relapse into your old bad habits.


Quitting smoking creates two types of withdrawal symptoms: physical and psychological.  The physical symptoms are directly linked to nicotine in cigarettes.  Nicotine will change the chemicals in your body so you develop a need for the drug in order to function normally.  Once your body is deprived of the drug, it will not be able to function as normal and you will experience withdrawal symptoms.


Physical symptoms of quitting smoking include:


You can help your body get over these physical symptoms by taking homeopathic remedies like Smoke Deter, which is specifically formulated for quitting smoking.  In addition to Smoke Deter, you can focus on healthy lifestyle habits.  By taking multivitamins, eating well, and exercising, you can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms.  Drinking plenty of water will also help flush the toxins out of your body faster so withdrawal symptoms don’t last as long.


For most people, the hardest part of quitting smoking is the psychological withdrawal symptoms.  These are much more complex than physical symptoms.  They are not only caused by the physical changes on your body from nicotine, but also from lifestyle habits.  When you stop smoking, you have to adjust to new routines and coping methods which can be very straining – especially for long-term smokers.


Psychological symptoms of quitting smoking include:


Homeopathic remedies like Smoke Deter can help with the psychological symptoms as well.  Smoke Deter is particularly effective because it contains the ingredients ignatia amara, tabacum, nux vomica, and avena.  These help calm the nervous system and fight symptoms like insomnia and mood changes.

What to Expect when You Stop Smoking

Don’t Forget Why You Are Quitting!

Even if you choose a smoking cessation aid like Smoke Deter to help you through, quitting smoking can still be difficult at times.  You are bound to experience some withdrawal symptoms and need to be ready for them.  Unfortunately, too many people make it through the hardest first couple weeks of withdrawal only to start smoking again later on.  The reason that most successful quitters start smoking again is because they forget their reasons for quitting.


Before you quit smoking, make a list of all the reasons that you want to quit this terrible habit.  We each have our own personal reasons why we should quit – like protecting our children’s health, saving money, or overcoming illness.  You should also write down your feelings while you quit smoking.  That way, if you start thinking about smoking again, you can read through your reasons and feelings.  It will help you remember why you choose to battle through withdrawal and hopefully keep you from lighting up again!